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Animal aims to publish original, cutting-edge research and horizon-scanning reviews on animal-related aspects of the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, organ, whole animal and production system levels. Emphasis will be placed on farmed and other managed animals. Papers will be considered in aspects of both strategic and applied science in the areas of Breeding and Genetics, Nutrition, Physiology and Functional Biology of Systems, Behaviour, Health and Welfare, Livestock Farming Systems and Product Quality. In addition, the use of laboratory animal models for the benefit of farmed livestock and studies using farm animals with the aim of improving human health are within the scope. The journal wishes to emphasise the integrative nature of biological systems. Thus, papers dealing with the translation of basic and strategic science into whole animal and system impacts on Productivity, Product Quality, Food Security, the Environment, Climate Change and Humans (health, nutrition and well being) will be particularly welcome.


The Journal is sub-divided into a number of Sections


Breeding and Genetics: including quantitative and molecular analysis of animal performance; genetic improvement and resources; genetics of physiological process; selection schemes for economic animal improvement; impact on animal health.


Nutrition: including food intake; digestion; nutrigenomics / nutrient:gene interactions; metabolism and metabolomics; nutritional control of function and performance; feed evaluation and feeding; diet and animal health.


Physiology and Functional Biology of Systems: including reproductive and developmental biology; growth; muscle biology; lactation; exercise; product composition (milk, meat and eggs).


Behaviour, Health and Welfare: including social and sexual behaviour; animal - man relationships; adaptation; stress; impact of management and environment on health.


Livestock Farming Systems, Environmental Impact and Climate Change: Including productivity; sustainable livestock management systems; whole farm management strategies; animal work; systems modelling; traceability; socio-economic consequences of systems; the impact of animals on soil, water, biodiversity and landscape and climate change.


Product Quality, Human Health and Well-being: including eating quality and sensory attributes; safety of products of animal origin; food security, nutritional value of animal products in relation to human health; bioactive components and functional foods; whole chain approaches to food safety, quality and security.

Animal will publish papers of international relevance including original research articles, descriptions of novel techniques, contemporary reviews and meta-analyses. Short communications will only be accepted in special cases where, in the Editorís judgement, the contents are exceptionally exciting, novel or timely. Proceedings of scientific meetings will be considered for special issues.

Animal will be essential reading for all animal scientists interested in biochemistry, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, modelling, genetics, behaviour, immunology, epidemiology, engineering, economics, sociology, food science and technology, human health, farming and land-use management and to other disciplines and policy makers in relation to environmental impact, climate change and food quality, safety and security.




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